Intelligent Building Design

More and more companies are turning to intelligent building design as a way to achieve higher efficiency and more cost-effective building maintenance. Network Products Inc has been helping organizations with smart building design since 1986. Our specialists have more than four decades of combined experience assisting enterprise companies with complex technical needs. Our projects have included transportation, legal, health care, government, and education intelligent building technology.

What Is an Intelligent Building Design?

An intelligent building design is one that utilizes technology to automatically control the operations of a building. It combines all of the necessary functions of the building into one system. These operations can include HVAC, lighting, security, sanitation, and many other maintenance and comfort systems. This is done by installing actuators, sensors, and microchips that collect data and then use that data to manage the operations around the businesses needs.

There are multiple benefits in utilizing intelligent building technology. One of the most critical is the safety of all occupants of the building. The system monitors for any air quality issues, as well as smoke detection. These systems also provide the utmost in security, both the building’s physical security, as well as its other critical resources, such as the IT data of all its tenants.

An intelligent building design also results in energy saving costs by improving the site’s performance and reliability. Statistics show that intelligent building designs save owners and tenants as much as 30 percent off their energy costs. For example, tenants can set the system so that when an area of their unit is not occupied, lighting, heat, or air conditioning can be lowered or turned off. When someone enters the area, the sensors automatically turn the lights back on and change the temperature setting. Intelligent buildings also greatly improve the air quality and environmental impact compared to regular structures.

The flexibility of smart building design is that we can either modify your existing infrastructure or create a whole new building. Network Products Inc. creates each of our systems using Visio, Revit, and AutoCad. We will begin the design by connecting each of your building’s core systems, including air, elevator, fire alarms, heating, lighting, pumps, security, surveillance, shading, and water meters.

Benefits Summary

There are multiple benefits to intelligent building. The integration of all the building’s systems means more control and monitoring. The ability to access operations immediately means you have the ability to catch any small issues before they become huge issues, 24/7 and maintenance can be dispatched right away. The real-time energy response decreases operating expenses and this not only benefits the property owner, but makes a building that much more attractive to potential tenants. And even better, as the building’s needs grow, so can too the intelligent building design.

Want to Learn More?

Network Products Inc. provides it all – from the planning to the design and implementation of your smart building. For your convenience, we have multiple locations across the mid- and south-Atlantic areas. If you would like to find out more about intelligent building design, contact us today at (301) 548-0300.